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Anonymous asked:

Dear past me?


Dear past me,

What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing?????? You are weird as hell but that is fabulous. Keep it up. Also side note: stop fucking telling that kid behind you on the bus all of your secrets. He doesn’t care and will only exploit you for his own personal enjoyment and I’m sorry to breAk it to you but no, you don’t end up as shit with that kid. Not even friends. So give it a rest please. He is only talking to you because there is literally no one else on the bus and his phone died last night. Dear past me, I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to think that everybody had your back, wouldn’t lie to you and kept every stupid secret you’ve ever accidentally said out loud. So please remember to love fully and entirely with your heart, but let your brain have some say in the matter.

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